An examination of whether humans are hard wired to be cruel based on five sources

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These worlds are not hard-wired or programmed into our genetic make-up; they need to be internalised and accepted by individual humans occupying those worlds. Here we come to the need for the legitimation of a humanly created world, which includes all cultural products, social structures, and laws.

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All living things are hard-wired to make judgements about everything in their environment for adaptation and survival.

All insects and animals make judgements of one another for the same reason, survival.

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Humans are definitely hard-wired to make judgements of other humans at all levels of. Humans are hard-wired to act in certain predictable ways.

Face perception

The sociobiology that sprang from these theoretical sources tried to provide a deterministic Darwinian explanation for just about everything, so it was perhaps inevitable that a reaction would set in against it as well.

An examination of whether humans are hard wired to be cruel based on five sources
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