Bread of salt setting

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The Bread of Salt, by NVM Gonzalez

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What's the morale and setting of the story

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Feminist Reading - the Bread of Salt. Aida. In N.V.M. Gonzales’ “The Bread of Salt”, the male protagonist and the way he views his own masculinity and Aida’s femininity, as also seen in the story’s literary details and setting, reflect a patriarchal picture of courtship where the female is chased and objectified.

An analysis of the ending of the story and how the characters’ social statuses affected the courtship will.

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Feb 08,  · The Bread of Salt by NVM Gonzalez is Filipino to its very core. One only needs to look at the apparent elements of the short story to see that it was written by a Filipino for Filipinos.

One only needs to look at the apparent elements of the short story to see that it. The short story “The Bread of Salt” which was written by Nestor Vicente Madali Gonzales or N.V.M. Gonzales depicts about dreams, admiration, failure, and hope.

It introduced a year old boy who was a grandson of a late coconut plantation overseer. Setting: 's Philippines Bakeshop Don Esteban's House School Street Summary: The story is all about a teenage boy who buys pan de sal or ‘bread of salt’ because of its wonderful flavor.

Every day, he walks by the house of the old Spaniard’s niece, Aida, whom the boy liked. He would follow her everyday to. "Bread of Salt" is about a teenage boy who is chasing his dreams ofbecoming a famous violinist and of marrying a girl named dailywn.comhout the story he works towards his viol inist dreams and isalways daydreaming about Aida.

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The bread of salt is a type of breadcalled Pan de sal that his grandmother has him buy from the localstore. The story The Bread of Salt, by NVM Gonzales is one that addressesthe idea of free will versus fate. Gonzales argues that we are allpredestined to have certain things in our l ives and uses the.

Bread of salt setting
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