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If you are thinking of buying a new book and want to know what other readers have to say about that book, there are book review sites found in the list that you will find helpful. You can also find a book blog where you can share your views about books that.

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It's free! Book Reviews & News. It’s Good To Be King James M. Kerr. It’s Good To Be King, the new leadership book by James Kerr, explores some important leadership challenges along with suggestions for how to overcome them in an easy to read business parable form.

I read dozens of business books a year, and can’t remember the last time I took. What makes a business book the “best”? Best-selling? Most influential? Timelessness?

Categorical relevance? Business Pundit sifted through numerous categories and resources to come up with this list of the 25 Best Business Books Ever.

Business book reviews
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The Best Business Book I’ve Ever Read | Bill Gates