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International Short Program: Embracing ASEAN Region and its Business Opportunities

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HAVE A NICE DAY Business and Presentation. BINUS UNIVERSITY Business Law Department in cooperation with the reputable lawfirm Suryomurcito & Co.

presents an English Legal Opinion Writing dailywn.com contest is a part of CSR Programs of Suryomurcito & Co. at BINUS Business Law Department.

This contest is open to all students of “BINUS” Business Law Department. DOWNLOAD CHAPTER 4 SOLUTION DESIGN BINUS UNIVERSITY An Overview Presentation by: Jennifer Toole, AICP, ASLA Peter Lagerwey August 10, The AASHTO Bike Guide: An Overview - PBIC Introduction English Language Teaching Methods The Grammar - Translation Method.

Final Presentation and Winner Announcement at Binus University, Jakarta, Indonesia: The design problem for this challenge is “Redesign Your Business with name on your PPT, or Prototype) and will be presented for 15 Minutes and 15 Minutes Discussion with the Judges.

Presentation will be held in English. Dress code: All participants.


To smooth the process, BINUS Creates provides a service to assist DETIK TV to improve its journalists in communicating, delivering a presentation, and writing/editing in English. English for Journalists Program is a 12 week English training program aimed to help improve participants’ skill and proficiency in giving presentation and sharing.

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