Jela bad girls club snapchat

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BGC Jela & The Clermont Twins!!

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Hopefully a few ideas later the auditions came around and everyone intelligent telling me about and I should do it. Lauren Lewis (also known as The Red Hot Redneck) is an original bad girl in Season Lauren is currently 25 years old and she resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

A self-proclaimed “Backwoods Barbie,” Lauren Lewis loves to hunt, fish, wrestle and hang with the guys. Hailing from Atlanta, Lauren is. k Followers, Following, 63 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from The Jela Show (@jelaminah).

Aug 10,  · Just when you thought the era of Bad Girls Club was over, Oxygen brought the hit show back for a 14th season. Some of you may recognize Jelaminah “Jela” Lanieris from her modeling and appearances in music videos.

Originally from Atlanta, the 25 year old Author: Asimplebijou. k Followers, Following, 63 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from The Jela Show (@jelaminah).

Jela parties hard and is not afraid to take on anyone who questions the way she lives her life. The target of many conflicts, she’s known to ruffle a few feathers along the way.

She prides herself in being a leader not a follower and hopes to learn to love more and flight less.

If You Don't Know Who The Clermont Twins Are, You Better Ask Somebody

Shows Bad Girls Club. Bad Girls Club season 14 was not that great of a season, let's be them or hate them, but the Clermont Twins and their sidekick Jela MADE this season. When Jela, Shannon and Shannade were all kicked out after that whole altercation, the season just became extra wack, in my opinion.

Jela bad girls club snapchat
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