Resume education related coursework

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How do I list relevant coursework on a resume?

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Include related courses.

Résumé Writing

Consider creating a section in your resume called “Relevant Coursework.” In it, include the courses directly related to the position you are applying for. education section and take up the most amount of space on a teaching resume directly after college.

Education on Your Resume

Include specific lesson plans, classroom management skills and teaching styles that make you unique. How to list education on your resume, including listing college, high school, GED, and what to put when you did not graduate, with examples.

The Balance Careers How to List Education on Your Resume. Related Coursework: Accounting 1 and 2 Marketing, Finance, and Human Resource Management. Aug 20,  · For you to include “Relevant Coursework” on your resume, you want to be certain that you include courses that are required and/or preferred by a prospective employer.

How to Highlight College Coursework on a Resume

How to build a winning RESUME This is the most traditional and straightforward resume. Your information (education and experience) is listed in chronological order with the most recent first. It is best to use this format when you have a clear career path under Education that details any related coursework you may have taken.

Related Coursework: Advertising, Advertising Writing, Direct Mail and Telemarketing, Media Plans in Advertising, Marketing and Advertising, Public Relations, Broadcasting Degree incomplete If you abandoned an educational program, list the number of credits completed or the type of study undertaken.

Resume education related coursework
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