Talk4writing actions by t

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Writing tasks. Rewrite sections of the dialogue punctuating correctly. Use of adverbs to describe the characters actions.

Suspense: a Talk for Writing unit (Phase 1: imitation)

Write in the role of Bilbo either as a diary or a letter expressing his outrage as to what has been requested of him by Gandalf. World Book Day. On April, 23rd, World Book Day, K3C were very lucky to have been given a copy each of the 'What the ladybird heard song' book.

Writing Models aims to help teachers cover every sort of writing type they need; fine tune lessons by following key teaching points for each model; and deliver the new literacy units to pupils of varying ability using different versions of the same model.

Jack & the Beanstalk Year 2 Unit of Work – Autumn 2nd Half Term Main outcomes from this unit of work: To be able to retell the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We retold the story using Talk4Writing actions and created story maps to show Rosie’s journey.


In Maths we have been using positional language. We made our own hens which we took for a walk and described where they were using positional language such [ ]. You can find out more about Talk4Writing here.

Corton Church of England Primary School

During this phase the children learn a model text using actions and story maps. The key to success for the children is that they internalise the text type through repetition and rehearsal.

They explore the structure of the narrative and investigate the different characters, settings and events.

Talk4writing actions by t
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