Teachers as coursework designers

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Easy Art lessons for substitute teachers (free, emergency lessons)

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Course Fees

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e-Learning. The e-Learning certificate program is designed for educators in K and higher education, trainers, and instructional designers.

The program focuses on teaching the design, delivery, and evaluation of high quality e-Learning materials for in-service, preservice teachers, and online trainers. A collection of great one-off Art lessons that can be printed at the click of a button.

These use basic materials, without elaborate procedures, dangerous equipment or mess. World-famous online makeup courses offering step-by-step tutorials & one-to-one support both during & after the course.

Teachers as coursework designers

Study our makeup courses online. The program in Computing in Education includes a strand in which all coursework is conducted online. The online program is designed for teachers and others who work with schools. Participants take about ten courses online, which use video conferencing, discussion boards.

The main findings of the study are: Both the AC and the TC programs with teachers in the study were diverse in the total instruction they required for their candidates. The total hours required by AC programs ranged from 75 toand by TC programs, from to 1, Welcome to ed TPA!. This site provides public information and free access to the Resource Library for edTPA members according to our Usage Plan.

edTPA members may also request implementation support from an edTPA .

Teachers as coursework designers
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Teachers as coursework designers